Smart Cities Investments is making smart cities designs happen on a global scalable basis by bringing real estate, transformational materials and technologies together with institutional banking through it Smart Cities Permanent Capital Vehicle. The SCI PCV is the first of its kind PCV that invest exclusively in smart city projects and technologies to make urban centers more energy efficient, cleaner, healthier, and more livable. Our goal is to develop resilient urban environments that are well prepared to react, respond, recover, adapt, and transform to meet future needs while producing meaningful income and capital growth potential for investors.

About Us

As the world’s population expands from roughly 7 billion people today to between 9-10 billion people by mid-century, combined with significantly improving income levels across the emerging markets, investing into smart infrastructure across the world’s cities will prove essential for improving the transportation efficiency, environmental health, business effectiveness, political stability, and overall quality of life for literally billions of the world’s population. Promoting smart cities will become a major public policy, technology and investment theme throughout the world.

There is no universal blueprint that can be applied to smart cities development and the adoption of infrastructure solutions particularly with the onset of rapidly evolving technology. This will require challenging traditional construction firms’ means, methods and, potentially, business models. It will require network infrastructure and technologies that promote cloud base computing & applications, Internet of Things, the use of smart devices, network of sensors and real-time on-line collaborative database platforms, as well as support services like discovery, identity management and physical security

Despite the very real and promising income producing opportunities inherent in Smart Cities projects, existing investments and legal vehicles have proven to be un-compelling for investors.

Smart Cities Investments is making smart cities designs happen by bringing real estate, transformational materials and technologies together with institutional banking through its Smart Cities Permanent Capital Vehicle.

Investment Strategy

Transformational Technologies

Global Markets

Perpetual Income

Smart Cities Investments will act as a catalyst for the application of transformational technologies that will lead to more livable, efficient and sustainable cities, towns and communities. SCI will accomplish this by investing in inventive designs, technologies and projects that showcase livable, affordable and sustainable environments.

We will attract investments from domestic banks, institutions and capital markets, but also from overseas sovereign wealth, pension funds, bilateral and multilateral institutions, equipment suppliers and through public-private partnerships.

Our goal is to provide investors long term capital growth that provides a perpetual source of income. To do so we will target investments in income producing infrastructure, real estate investments and growth assets related to technology/company investments that provide a technical foundation for projects such as:

  • Advanced information technologies and sensors
  • “Smart” technologies that anticipate and respond to stresses and demands
  • Innovative building and construction applications
  • Transformative materials
  • Energy management and efficiency
  • Infrastructure renewal, design and hardening to account for stresses related to climate change and weather variability
  • Intelligent design
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Transportation and traffic safety
  • Health, education and senior living

Projects based on a forward-focused, holistic plan that recognizes the interdependencies among risks; captures the efficiencies of an integrated, multi-disciplinary and multi-skilled approach; and drives the emergence of new models of sustainability will receive priority consideration.


With multidisciplinary experience in Advanced Communications Infrastructure, Engineering, Finance, Lobbying, M&A, Private Public Partnerships, Project Management, Transportation Planning and Development, Smart Cities Investments offers a full range of services to support Smart Cities projects that meet our investment criteria.

Project Development/Advisement
We offer project development/advisement/master planning services for potential investment projects. The type and scope of project advisement will depend on many factors, including the type and scale of investment, local circumstances concerning the history of the project, and project-related partnerships that have already been established by the initial project developers. We believe our world class project advisement on project planning and development will save costs in the long run, while at the same time assure top project quality.

Project Funding
Through its Permanent Capital Vehicle and a Lombard Credit Facility backed by the PCV assets, Smart Cities Investments offers both equity and debt financing options for smart city projects.


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